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    E A T  F R E E L Y    L I V E  F U L L Y 


As a colleague of Molly’s, I always admire her professionalism and her compassion for helping our patients reach their goals to getting back to “their old self.” It wasn’t until last winter that I learned that Molly not only helped patients in our hospital work setting, but that she also helped individuals in the community with their allergies and overall health. I have suffered from seasonal and food allergies for as long as I can remember and have tried different medications, asthma treatments and acupuncture to reduce the symptoms that I was experiencing. However, nothing I tried seemed to have a lasting effect. When Molly introduced me to the A.R.T® program, I knew that that this program would be  beneficial for my overall health and getting my immune system back on track. Molly took the time to explain the process and what to expect during the treatment sessions. I was pleasantly surprised by the transformation that I quickly saw as my symptoms reduced and my overall quality of life improved. Molly’s caring nature and her knowledge of the A.R.T® program truly helped me with my health journey. She is an active listener and goes above and beyond to help others. I am truly grateful for Molly and all of the support she has given me.  


 Age 28

Eosinophilic Esophagitis

I saw Molly for ART for eosinophilic esophagitis and the results were absolutely amazing! I no longer have heartburn, or get things stuck in my esophagus.  Previous endoscopies showed visual damage, eosinophils and Barrett's esophagus.  After seeing Molly, my  endoscopies continue to be completely clean without taking any medication or making any changes to my diet.  Even my doctor said he has not seen this happen before.  My EOE is completely resolved. I continue to be in remission of EOE. Absolutely amazing. Molly's gentle, healing demeanor puts you at ease. I cannot recommend Molly enough. Thank you! 


Age  45

Shellfish Sensitivity
Thanks to Molly’s thorough and effective treatment, I am now able to eat lobster and crab without any reaction whatsoever! I am so grateful for her care, kindness, and expertise.


Age 45


The moment I met Molly I knew I was on the road to becoming my best self.  She exudes calm and healing, and through my many treatments with her I have always felt fully informed and completely at ease.  After 6 months of A.R.T®, my Raynaud's symptoms are remarkably decreased - I can shop in the freezer aisle without gloves, and have stood outside for hours watching soccer games on 40 degree days without losing feeling in my toes.  I am so grateful!


Age 43


I have been seeing Molly for the treatment of an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. After my diagnosis, the plan was to take a wait and see approach. None of my doctors had ever discussed reactive foods with me. Molly and I have been focusing on strengthening my immune system as well as treating foods that have the potential to be reactive for me. This process is thorough and I have noticed great changes in my histamine responses. Creating a healthy gut is so important to healing. I feel so much better knowing what foods are triggers and knowing that we are working towards a time when I will not need to avoid the foods that I love.

For me, trying to resolve my symptoms related to Hashimoto’s has been a complicated process.

Working with Molly, and finding the right combination of protocols has been wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and her commitment is tireless. I look forward to continuing our journey towards establishing the mind-body connection, and the improvement of my gut health.


Age 41

Seasonal Allergies

I have suffered with seasonal allergies my whole life during the Spring and Summer months, which results in bouts of sneezing as well as fatigue and lethargy. This requires me to take medications in order to deal with these issues.
I began the A.R.T® program with Integrative Health Techniques in the Winter of 2017/18 and as a result of the treatment, my seasonal allergies during the Spring and Summer of 2018 did not take hold. I didn’t have any sneezing problems nor issues with feeling tired during those seasons, nor did I have to take any medications to combat these problems.
It was amazing that the transformation happened so quickly and that it was so complete in that I didn’t suffer any of the symptoms at all. It made a big change to my quality of life overall, and as a result I look forward to continuing with my  A.R.T® for this and other issues.

Nick, Age 48

Animal allergies interview:

 What were your treatment goals for A.R.T.? 

  • My goals were to be able to sit down and interact with my dogs for an extended time without a wave of allergies. I love my dogs but could rarely be with them without sneezing despite the cacophony of allergy medicines I was using. 

 What were your symptoms? 

  • I used to sneeze, have watery eyes, wheeze, and overall felt lethargic after being near dogs, pollen, etc.  

Was A.R.T. effective for treating your concerns? 

  • A.R.T. was quite effective. During the treatment period my allergic response to dogs and other pollutants was greatly diminished. Post completion of the treatment I have yet to have a major flare up or reaction to my dogs. 

How long did it take to complete your treatment program? 

  • Treatment took a little more than 5 months, meeting once a week on most weeks. (I believe) 

Have you had sustained results following completion of the program? 

  • Yes, I am proud to say that the results have been sustained since completion of the program. 

What is your overall impression of A.R.T.? 

  • I have very favorable views towards A.R.T. because of its effectiveness and relative time savings it provided compared to other methods. 

 Would you recommend A.R.T. to others? 

  • I would recommend A.R.T. to others! A.R.T. has had great impacts on my lifestyle, as I can now interact with my dogs without having to use Benadryl tab immediately after. Anyone who wants to live more freely and not have the weight of allergic reactions always on them, I would unequivocally recommend the program.

Michael, Age 28

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