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White Branch


"Just one IET session with Molly helped more than I could have imagined.  She released energy blockages and helped me let go of issues that I have struggled with for years.  Her work is a combination of processing past issues and suggesting new ways to go forward.  In her session she works with you to facilitate a path to healing.  I felt more positive, connected and grounded within just a day of my session."


" It was an amazing experience and I'm blessed to have held space with and opened myself to receive her work. It was such a release!"


" Molly has helped me clear tons of guilt, shame, and anger with IET and her gentle, loving, presence.  I highly recommend her, especially if you identify as a trauma survivor. She is very attuned."

-Jessica A



A friend had recommended Molly to me to help with some issues I was struggling with.  Reiki was new to me and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very interested in trying something different. Her space is welcoming and peaceful, and Molly’s quiet, friendly demeanor instantly puts one at ease.  The session was incredibly relaxing and notably unrushed, and I could honestly feel the healing energy flowing through her hands.  Molly took the time to share her thoughts after the session, providing useful and relatable insights as well as what she had experienced during it.  The first visit helped me gain clarity into some things that had been causing me anxiety and had such a positive impact that I have since been back a number of times. I was emotionally floored when, after one visit, Molly mentioned that while working on me she saw/received (?) an image of a memory that was exactly what my mind had drifted to.  I’m not saying Molly is a psychic or anything, but she clearly has a gift and I’m happy to have found her!





"After our session, I began to feel more self-aware, spiritually connected, and able to move through my emotions more easily. This treatment is an ideal way to treat energy blocks accumulated from physical, mental, emotional, or suppressed feelings."

- Kelly

"I cannot thank you enough for the incredible one hour virtual healing session. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical being that I was in San Diego and you in Boston.  I gladly put my faith in your expertise and intention.   Almost instantly after your direction, I felt at peace.   I was on the beach, staring at the ocean and had this distinct sense of something lifting and almost immediately after- a sense of elation flooded over me! As we discussed prior to our session,  I have been working through some *things* and you helped me dial in and focus on elements that I think I have been in denial about.  Your follow up exercises have also been beneficial. You are a magical soul, Molly!  I am so grateful for the experience and look forward to our next one"













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